2019 - The Permanent Flux


My friends and readers,

Flux’s website was initially crafted a year ago with the mission to educate every person in the arts and sciences. But it was not crafted for me to be a talking head - a figure for you to just listen to and take my words as law. I freely admit, like the teachers of ancient times, that I do not know. There are things that I could never and will never know. As our community grows, I expect - want - for questions to be asked, corrections to be made, and conversations to be had. There are individuals that know far more than I do and it is the will of the learned for us to use our knowledge to correct fallacies. That includes my own.

In 2019, I hope to build our community to not only reach the science-curious, but to create an area for interaction with the content and those writing the content. Also, this year, Flux will be going through large-scale changes…I will keep exactly what a secret.

For those of you here with me now, I want to thank you. It’s refreshing to know that there are people interested in the pursuit of understanding something with a terrifying scale of importance. If you are not already, please join Flux’s mailing list and share this content so we can grow our community.

Continue forward.

Warmly, Matthew

P.S. The Dance of Chemistry arc is close to its conclusion and, interestingly enough, the river will begin to branch. For those of you tired of chemistry, physics and biology start to rise. For those of you in love with chemistry, its influence will still permeate everything we discuss.


Animation by BigBlueBoo based on Penabranca's "Impossible Routes"